Android/Blackberry Solution

Remote RDP/VNC is our native RDP/VNC clients which supports both RDP and RFB(VNC) protocols, work on Google Android OS and Blackberry.

Remote RDP

Amazing! Just restarted two servers using this. very handy in a tight spot! Dev is helpful and product is in development. 5 stars.
-The Photon

Developer is extremely responsive. Technical software access issues are addressed within 24 hours. Impressive software.
-Eduardo and Lalyn

  • Support Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP Professional, MCE 2005, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista Business or Ultimate, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 Professional, Business or Ultimate, Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • World's first NON-MS RDP client which supports TLS(SSL) encryption (RDP over SSL). Enterprise Version only.
  • Support Network Level Authentication (NLA).Enterprise Version only.
  • World's first mobile RDP client which support bidirectional audio. Recording only available in Enterprise Version.
  • Support full PC mouse and keyboard.
  • Support RDP 7.
  • Support both Admin mode and Application mode.
  • Support session auto-reconnect.
  • Copy/Paste text between local and remote
  • Attach you SD Card to remote computer as a disk, you can download/upload files.
  • Bring sound to your phone.
  • Supports Alaw, Mulaw(ULaw), Adpcm, GSM6.10 etc audio encodings.
  • VOIP level bandwidth usage. 70%-90% less compared with other NON-MS RDP clients (PC or mobile) when playing audio.
  • Customizable shortcut keys, Export/import you data to SD Card.
  • zoom in /out, zoom buttons like the one in browser.
  • Smart move detecting, flip/fast move for scrolling the screen, normal/slow move(Tap, pause, move) for moving/dragging remote windows.
  • Smart tap detecting, normal/short tap for left click, long tap for right click.
  • Smart input cursor detecting, show/hide software keyboard automatically.
  • Smart cursor movement (can move mouse cursor more steps when you move scroll ball fast).
  • Mouse wheel support, tap/flip along the left side of your screen, doesn't affect the normal mouse usage in that area.
  • Ability to zoom in (tap right bottom corner or from Menu).
  • 128 bit and TLS (SSL) encryption.
  • Connection manager.
  • Fully international keyboard support, can deliver whatever you can type.
  • Small but with much more features.
  • Optimized for large screen, external mouse and keyboard. Also support touchpad mode.
  • Free to all software updates and upgrades.

Feature comparison

Feature Lite Standard Enterprise
Network Level Authentication (NLA) No No Yes
TLS(SSL) encryption (RDP over SSL) No No Yes
Audio recording No No Yes
Audio playback No Yes Yes
File transfer (SD Card redirection) No Yes Yes
Clipboard redirection No Yes Yes
Connect to XRDP, VirtualBox RDP No Yes Yes
Start a program, Choose better effect No Yes Yes
Home screen shortcut, export/import, keys and other customization No Yes Yes
Connection restriction 5 no limit no limit
Others (Console session, color, resolution etc) Yes Yes Yes

Remote VNC

Best VNC for the EEE Transformer This is really great on my EEE. It supports right clicking on the trackpad -- and not as a "back" button, either, since pressing back does something different. Alt, control, home and end all work great.
-Ricky B

Highest performance on local networks. Gets protocol details right. Best viewer for Xinerama fake second monitor.

Feature Remote VNC Lite  Remote VNC Pro Remote VNC w/Ad 
 Share same interface with Remote (RDP)  Yes    Yes Yes 
 Connect to any os with vnc server installed  Yes   Yes Yes 
 Support 8-bit color to reduce bandwidth  No  Yes No 
 Support software keyboard  No  Yes Yes 
 Move cursor with Trackball  No  Yes Yes 
 Copy/Paste text between local and remote  No  Yes Yes 
 Customize shortcut keys  No  Yes Yes 
 Smart cursor movement (can move mouse cursor more steps when you move scroll ball fast)  No  Yes Yes 
Support mouse wheel   No  Yes Yes 
Connections numbers restriction
No limited
Can leave password blank to be promoted on login
 Support Tight Encoding, better performance on Tight VNC
 Export/Import data No  Yes  Yes 
Zoom in/out, Pinch & zoom
Home screen shortcut for single connection
 Listening mode
 Yes No 
 Touchpad mode No  Yes  No 
 Price  Free  $5.98 With Ad 

Remote Wave (Android Only)

Couldn't do without it. Works perfectly!

Sweet. I finally found an app that plays my ms exchange wav files.

Don't need to return your phone with this audio player, resolved GSM/WAV voicemail play issue. Play .wav .gsm .au files with following encoding which Android can not play:

ALaw, ULaw(MuLaw), Microsoft/IMA/Dialogic/OKI, Adpcm, GSM6.1, DSP TrueSpeech.

It's not a independent application and you can not find it after you install it (You can uninstall it from the Application Settings). You must use it in other applications. In your email client, browser or file explorer, Press the file you want to play, choose "Open with", then choose "Remote Wave". If you can not see "Open with", try to download it to SDCard, using a file explorer , goes to the "download" directory on your SDCard, repeat the operations again, please be aware some file explorers may not have "Open with", you can try Linda File Manager which does the job.